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From his earliest years, armed with slingshot and bb-gun, Bryan Harry tagged along with his dad hunting and fishing.  This led to his interest in studying wildlife.  He received a B.S. at Michigan and an M.S. at Colorado State, both in wildlife management.  After a few short-term opportunities as a Botanical Research Technician at U. of Mich., canoeing guide in Michigan and Ontario, and refuge manager for the USFWS, he settled in with the National Park Service for over 50 years.

With the NPS he served as a ranger-biologist and park naturalist at Grand Teton and Yellowstone, the Chief Park Naturalist and Valley Manager at Yosemite.  He came to Hawai‘i as superintendent of Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park in the early ‘70s and, aside from sojourns as Alaska Area Director and superintendent of Glen Canyon, he has been here in that capacity and as NPS Pacific Area Director since that time.  Throughout his career he has been involved in the planning of the National Park System.  While in Alaska he supervised the field studies and draft legislation leading to the Alaska Lands addition to the NPS.  He was intimately involved with studies leading to North Cascades and American Samoa becoming designated as National Parks.  He was a founding member of the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit at University of Hawai‘i, where he now serves as a volunteer.

Bryan Harry, Secretary/Treasurer

U.S. National Park Service, Retired