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    Join the movement! Check out Conservation Connections to find out about conservation events in your area and for more ways to get involved in stewardship of Hawaii’s most precious natural resources.

  • Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance Connects Hawaiʻi’s Environmental Employers with Conservation Talent via Our New Job Bank

    Whether you are seeking an opportunity to make a difference or looking for talent to get the job done, we can help. The Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance Job Bank is a new—and FREE—resource for employers and job-seekers alike. Developed through our Next Generation Program, this user-friendly site connects the best talent with regional needs.

    1 Create a FREE account with Conservation Connections.

    2 Post job, volunteer, research, or internship opportunities.

    3 Applicants will contact you directly. 

  • Looking for natural resource management information, resources, products, and tools?

    Please click here to access our growing database of natural resources conservation related resources and materials provided to us by our state-wide network of conservation professionals. 

    Have a resource or product to share? Please send your resource to support@hawaiiconservation.org.

  • Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance Foundation

    The Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance Foundation (Foundation) was formed in September of 2006 by the members of the Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance (Alliance). The Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to secure private support for the programs and activities of the Alliance, actively promulgate information on Hawai‘i ’s conservation values and needs, fund conservation grants, and promote conservation education and awareness.The Alliance is a collaboration of 24 agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations whose mission is to provide unified leadership and advocacy on conservation issues critical to Hawai‘i.

  • 25 Government, educational, and non-profit organizations who together provide unified leadership and advocacy for Hawaiʻi’s most critical conservation issues.

    The Alliance member organizations are represented by federal, state, and non-profit sectors working together to perpetuate native ecosystems and ensure that the unique biodiversity of our islands endures. See all our members