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Student Rate

Student Rate

Qualifying students may register for discounted rates for the HCC, and will have all rights and privileges of full conference registration. Verification is required upon registration with a student ID or record of class registration.

Three day access for students costs $160, and 1 day access for students costs $80.

Student Scholarship

In partnership with Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation’s Environmental Leadership Pathways Initiative, the HCC Student Scholarship Program aims to provide a one-of-a-kind career development opportunity for students and emerging professionals interested in pursuing a career in a conservation-related field. If accepted, student scholarship recipients are able to attend the conference for a reduced rate of $50. Celebrating its 5th year, this program has grown to include high school students, college students and emerging professionals across the Hawaiian Islands. This year, HCA is accepting 180 students into the program.

In addition, the students that are accepted into the Student Scholarship program will also be eligible to participate in the Pūlama Kuamoʻo Mentorship Program. The intention is to provide an opportunity for emerging professionals from Hawai‘i to meet and network with Hawaii’s established professionals in the conservation research and natural resource management community. For established professionals, it is an opportunity to mentor the next generation of conservationists, managers and educators, along with sharing their journey in this field. Emerging professionals will benefit from one-on-one interaction with respected professionals in their areas of interest.



Preference will be given to applicants who meet the following criteria::

  • A resident of Hawaiʻi
  • A current Hawaiʻi high school junior or senior, OR a recent graduate of a Hawaiʻi high school
  • Current post-secondary student (enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, associates, etc. program)
  • An emerging professional that recently graduated, and is no more than three years into his/her career
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to conservation in Hawaiʻi

Applicants will be evaluated on:

  • Program eligibility requirements
  • Completed application
  • Personal Statement

*Please note: if you are awarded, you will receive a code to register for the HCC. At the time of registration, you will be charged the subsidized $50 (normally $160). We also provide a travel stipend for our neighbor island attendees. Checks will be distributed on Thursday, July 20th in the afternoon. You must be present to receive your stipend.


The Student Scholarship application is closed.

Kaʻikaʻi Iwikuamoʻo

Nāhululeihiwakuipapa Leadership Workshop

Tuesday, July 18th || 1pm to 3pm

Kaʻikaʻi means to lead, support, lift up, or raise. Iwikuamoʻo is one of four starlines used by navigators to lead them to their destinations; it also means “backbone”, and is a metaphor for a genealogical line. With these two terms as inspiration, the Nāhululeihiwakuipapa Subcommittee welcomes participants who want to develop leadership skills. As many emerging professionals continue on their career path, defining one’s style of leadership is necessary in building personal capacity. Our workshop will begin with a hands-on activity exploring the significance of ʻaha and how this traditional practice intertwines with leadership. The hands-on activity will continue throughout the workshop to incorporate into the ʻaha the ʻike (knowledge) being shared and gained. A panel of seasoned and emerging leaders will discuss their leadership styles and share their personal journeys. Panelists will then lead breakout groups and facilitate discussion surrounding leadership perspectives and methodology. The group will reconvene to close the workshop with overarching insights and themes on leadership. Join us for a dynamic and interactive discussion about navigating leadership pathways in Hawaiʻi.

We are asking all interested participants to RSVP prior to the workshop! Please fill out this RSVP by Friday, June 30th. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Student Awards


Each year at the Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference, cash prizes are awarded for the top student presentations in the following categories:

  • First Place Award for Outstanding Poster (Graduate)
  • Runner-Up for Outstanding Poster (Gradute)
  • First Place Award for Outstanding Presentation (Graduate)
  • Runner-Up for Outstanding Presentation (Graduate)
  • Best Undergraduate Student Presentation
  • Runner-Up Undergraduate Student Presentation
  • Honorable Mention Undergraduate Student Presentation

Awards are based on scoring by volunteer judges attending the conference. Students are scored according to creative ability, scientific procedures, thoroughness, competence, and communication.

To apply, check the STUDENT box when submitting your abstract:

Toward the end of Step 1 of the Abstract Submission process, check the box that says –

STUDENT: Evaluate my presentation for the Best Student Paper/Poster Award. The presenter must be the principal author of the work being presented and must be enrolled in an academic degree program through Spring semester/quarter of 2017.

In order to participate, the presenter must be the principal author of the work being presented, and must be enrolled in an academic degree program through the Spring semester/quarter of 2017 (recent graduates acceptable).

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