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2018 Conference

Brutus La Benz

“Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance Foundations and Futures”

Wednesday, July 25th - Opening Keynote

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Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance Foundations and Futures
Brutus La Benz, Legacy Land Specialist for Office of Hawaiian Affairs

The Hawai’i Conservation Alliance (Alliance) is a collaboration of conservation leaders representing government, cultural, educational, and non-profit organizations from across the state. Collectively, we are responsible for safeguarding the biodiversity of Hawaiʻi’s ocean, land, and streams. Our members live and work in Hawai’i and represent the people and communities who depend on healthy land and water for social, cultural, and agricultural well-being.

Working together to perpetuate native ecosystems and ensure the unique biodiversity of our islands endures, the Alliance provides unified leadership and advocacy for Hawaiʻi’s most critical conservation issues.

Through regular meetings, sub-committees, and working groups, member representatives track progress in conservation efforts, share new tools and technologies, identify critical conservation needs and emergent threats, and develop priority projects to address needs of the conservation community. These projects are implemented through collaborative work of the Alliance members themselves as well as through support from the Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance Foundation.

Brutus shares with us the origins of the Alliance, how it has grown, the work the Alliance has done and continues to do, and the future the Alliance envisions and works towards for Hawaiʻi nei.

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