Hawai'i conservation alliance

2007 Outstanding Leadership Award

Peter Young

This award is given to a person who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in advancing environmental conservation in Hawai‘i over the short to medium term (several years to a decade). Examples of such leadership may be seen in creating avenues for rapid advancement in conservation through influencing management or programs that lead to significant better protection of the Hawai‘i’s native ecosystems. The award is determined by nomination and seconded, with majority consensus by the HCA partnership.
Mr. Young has been an exceptionally strong leader in the conservation of Hawai‘i’s unique plants, animals, and the ecosystems that they inhabit. During his tenure as the Chair of the Board of Land and Natural Resources, the Department of Land and Natural Resources made significant strides in the sustainable use of natural and cultural resources. Key accomplishments include protection of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands as the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, implementation of lay gill net regulations to provide long-term sustainability of Hawai‘i’s fisheries, overseeing a significant increase in the budget to protect Hawai‘i’s natural resources, strengthening forestry and wildlife watershed partnerships, overseeing significant improvements in water resource management, increased partnering with communities and agencies for conservation land acquisitions, and tackled other major issues in biodiversity conservation, land programs, and alien species management. Mr. Young’s leadership has been instrumental in furthering the protection of Hawai‘i’s natural resources.