Hawai'i conservation alliance

2008 Conservation Innovation Award

Land Acquisition Community

GlacThe Conservation Innovation Award is presented to the instigators or champions of a procedure that leads to significant advances to the structure or nature of environmental conservation in Hawai‘i. In 2008, the HCA Partners honored the greater land acquisition community.

In the past five years, a remarkable revolution has occurred in Hawai‘i with increased acquisition of conservation land. At the beginning of 2002, Hawai‘i had very little dedicated public funding for acquisition of conservation land. The Nature Conservancy and the Trust for Public Lands had been active in Hawai‘i for many years, but local land trusts were in their infancy stages.

Since those early months of 2002, however, several Federal government agencies, the State of Hawai‘i, all the counties, and several private land trusts have gone from the back of the pack in private land conservation to become recognized as national leaders.

This quantum leap in conservation was achieved not because of the efforts of just one organization, but rather by a massive shift in perception and participation by Hawai‘i’s citizens, political leaders, and agencies.

The HCA wishes to honor this achievement and the creative new partnerships, ideas, and tools across our community that continue to develop during this era of innovation.