Hawai'i conservation alliance

Landscape Industry Council Of Hawai‘i - Native Plant Initiative

Christopher Dacus, Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawai‘i
Rick Barboza, Hui Kū Maoli Ola, Kāne‘ohe

Wednesday, August 3, 10 AM - 12 PM, Room 313BC

The LICH Native Plant Initiative is an inclusive, transparent, and collaborative nonprofit industry initiative bringing together professionals from the landscape, conservation, forestry, agricultural, government, education and science industries to protect and enhance our native biodiversity. Our goal is to reverse the decline of native plants by promoting the use of native plants in their original range of distribution. Our mission is to protect in situ plant populations by developing ex situ plantings of known lineage in an appropriate manner to ensure genetic biodiversity, minimize illegal collections of wild seeds and guidance for plantings in developed areas to minimize genetic contamination to extant wild populations. Our initial pilot project entails developing a comprehensive biodiversity model approach to the use of native plants in their original range of distribution utilizing O‘ahu’s Pritchardia species. The strategic plan includes the following components: research & information compilation, collection techniques and curation, protection of in situ populations, propagation, industry standards & guidelines, distribution & preservation, education and advocacy and maintenance of ex situ plantings. The Landscape Industry Council of Hawai‘i formed in June 1986, is a state-wide alliance representing Hawai‘i’s various landscape associations. This forum will include an overview of the initiative, pilot project and open discussion of issues and opportunities.

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