Hawai'i conservation alliance

Native Plant Propagation For Conservation Of Island Forests

Chair: Diane Haase, USDA Forest Service

Wednesday, August 3. Part I: 1-3 PM; Part II: 3:20-5:20 PM. Room 311.

The purpose of the two-part propagator’s forum is to allow native plant growers to network amongst each other and to receive technical information regarding issues specific to nursery production of plants for reforestation, restoration, and conservation in Hawai‘i. The forum includes presentations and discussion based on feedback from native plant growers regarding their current interests and needs.

Part 1: Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Native Plant Nurseries (2 hours)

  • Results of research trials to produce wilt-resistant Acacia koa seedlings
    Tyler Jones, Hawai‘i Ag Research Center
  • Organic products to control liverwort and moss in nurseries
    Nabil Khadurri, Washington DNR and Diane Haase, USDA Forest Service
  • Disease control strategies for native Hawaiian seedlings
    Janice Uchida, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
  • Control of invasive insects in native plant nurseries
    Pat Conant (tentative), HDOA Plant Pest Control Branch
  • Guidelines for phytosanitation and nursery certification
    Carol Okada, Hawaii Department of Agriculture
  • Discussion

 Seed source considerations in growing for restoration outplanting - MARGARET CLARK

Part 2: Propagation Technology for Production of Quality Native Plants (2 hours)

  • Seed source considerations in growing for restoration outplanting
    Margaret Clark
  • Propagation protocols and techniques for Hawaiian native plants
    Jacob Witcraft, Waimea State Tree Nursery
  • Enhancing nursery production of mamane and koa
    Anthony Davis, Olga Kildisheva, Matthew Aghai, B. Hamze, and J. Pinto, University of Idaho
  • Establishment of the Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center
    JB Friday, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
  • Experiences with a CREP project: species propagation, timelines, and growing practices
    Aileen Yeh, Aileen’s Nursery, Hilo
  • Discussion

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