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Raising the Bar: Greater Conservation Impact through More Effective Partnerships

To ensure the highest quality experience for all attendees, this workshop will be limited to the first 40 participants who pre-register for this session at this link. Open to registered conference participants only.

Jason Sumiye, Director of Landscape Science, The Nature Conservancy of Hawai‘i
Emily J. Fielding, Maui Marine Program Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy of Hawai‘i
Nina P. Hadley, Partnership Learning Manager, The Nature Conservancy Asia Pacific Region
Mark White, Maui Program Director, The Nature Conservancy of Hawai‘i

Wednesday, August 3, 1-3 PM, Room 313BC
“Working with others” is a central tenet of conservation practice today – especially in Hawai‘i where resources are scarce, the resource management community is small and communities are often well-integrated, collaboration is crucial. This workshop is will benefit anyone who wants to learn how to cultivate greater conservation impact by building more effective partnerships, alliances, working groups, or collaborations. Suitable for partnership pros and first-timers alike, we will explore a strategic approach to the art and science of partnering. Come sample methods and tools and share best practices for navigating the partnership challenges we all face – from making the decision to partner, selecting your partner(s) and negotiating agreements, to managing, evaluating, and ultimately adapting or concluding your conservation partnerships. During breakouts, participants will “choose your own adventure” and visit the activity outposts that address their most pressing partnering questions.

Activity Outpost #1 – Do I Need to Partner and If so Am I Ready?
With a clear understanding of your conservation goals, stakeholder expectations, and what level of partnership is desired, build a “dream team” with the right values, attitudes, and skills for your project.
Activity Outpost #2 - Who Should I Partner With?
Design a customized approach to “scoping the field” to ensure that you won't end up in the wrong relationship.
Activity Outpost #3 – How Do I Negotiate a Partnership?
Race to decode a “no regrets” checklist that you can use to efficiently and amicably negotiate the terms and advance the goals of your partner relationship.
Activity Outpost #4 – How Do We Implement Joint Work Most Effectively?
Been there, done that? Go head-to-head with the experts and put your best thinking forward and into operating guidelines for managing your partnerships over the long-term.
Activity Outpost #5 – How Do We Measure Our Partnership’s Health and Effectiveness?
Learn how to use a spider web to give your partnership a “check up.” Using an evaluation tool to identify issues early can actually prevent “scary” problems from developing.
Activity Outpost #6 – How Do We Adapt, Improve, or Conclude Our Partnership?
All partnerships come to an end. We’ll put our favorite “Moving On” book to use to inspire good practices for a successful conclusion, revitalization, or realignment.

All participants will leave with a sampler of tools from The Nature Conservancy’s newly launched Conservation Partnership Center.


  • Interactive Door Survey
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Concurrent Activity Outposts #1-6: Participants each select three to attend (3 X 20 minutes each)
  • Q&A, Discussion and Wrap-up

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