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USDA-Forest Service Efforts To Provide Long-Term Forest Monitoring

Accomplishments and Future Directions of the Forest Inventory and Monitoring Program (FIA) - Hawaii Conservation Alliance

Flint Hughes, USDA Forest Service, Hilo, Hawai‘i
Andrew Gray, USDA Forest Service, Portland, Oregon

Thursday, August 4, 8-10 AM, Ballroom A

In order to conserve and restore forests of the Pacific, we need a common understanding of current forest conditions and recent trends. Forest inventories have been refined over the last century to provide science-based, statistically sound estimates of the extent and distribution of forests, species composition, and changes affecting them (e.g., land use, disturbance, non-native species invasions, management). Recently, inventories have expanded beyond basic and often coarse measures of forest area and tree species to measurements of plant diversity, invasive species, and carbon storage. Here we present the scientific basis behind the USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis program (FIA), results of recent FIA inventories in the Pacific Islands, and the potential applications of local collaborations to benefit forest conservation in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.


  • Monitoring conservation efforts: research applications to forest inventories
    Andrew Gray
  • Determining forest carbon across the Hawaiian Islands: use of FIA plots and remote sensing (LiDAR) approaches.
    Flint Hughes
  • Linking Forest Inventories with Satellite Vegetation Mapping for Forest Conservation
    Lisa Fischer
  • Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA): Witnessing Forest Change
    Heather Franklin
  • A multi-tier approach to mapping, monitoring and understanding carbon stocks, processes and changes in Hawaiian forests
    Christian Giardina

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