Hawai'i conservation alliance

Work Exchange Program

The Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance is proud to announce:

Work Exchange Program for the 2014 Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference (HCC).

The Work Exchange Program allows individuals to work a significant number of volunteer hours in exchange for a complimentary pass (valued over $400) to attend the 22nd Annual Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference. This is a great opportunity for interested individuals who can offer their skills, assistance, and leadership in exchange for full conference admission, in addition to other benefits.

The HCC’s success stems from the work of willing and dedicated individuals who contribute to our work exchange program. The dedicated assistance of the work exchange participants make it possible to have the various engaging exhibits, events, and speakers of the conference.

The HCC Work Exchange program allows participants to meet, interact with, and learn from conservation veterans, emerging leaders, resource managers, field staff, and others in the conservation community. The research, knowledge, and experiences they share provide an invaluable opportunity to anyone interested in starting or furthering a career in conservation.


For more information about the Work Exchange Program, download the Details Packet.

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Kawena Elkington, Work Exchange Program Coordinator
(808) 687-6153

Info Packet (TBA)

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