Hawai'i conservation alliance

Mentorship Program

The Nahululeihiwakuipapa Mentorship program is intended to provide an opportunity for emerging professionals from Hawai‘i to meet and network with Hawaii’s established professionals in the conservation research and natural resource management community.  The program provides a means and structure to engage both audiences in meaningful dialogue on interests, experiences, and opportunities at the Hawai‘i Conservation Conference.  In addition, the program provides the opportunity for emerging professionals to hone their networking skills and to make at a minimum three new academic or professional contacts.  For established professionals, it is an opportunity to mentor the next generation of conservationists, managers, and educators and to share their own journey in this field.  Emerging professionals will benefit from one-on-one interaction with respected professionals in their areas of interest.

After a successful pilot of the mentorship program in 2014, this year at the 2015 HCC, we will continue to coordinate this program, which aims to make 40 matches of professionals and emerging professionals. The mentees will be selected from the HCC Student Rate participants and the mentors will select their interest during the registration process.

There will be several opportunities for the mentor and mentee to interact during the conference:

  1. There will be a hosted Mentorship Program Meet & Greet on Tuesday, August 4th, at the Kipuka Native Hawaiian Student Center Lanai. This will be the first time to meet and interact with your mentor/mentee. Expectations and mentor/mentee roles will be discussed at this time.
  2. During the HCC Mokupāpapa Discovery Center Reception on Tuesday, August 4th, there will be an opportunity for the mentor to help the mentee network with other people in their field of interest. Breaking the ice can be difficult sometimes, so hopefully the mentor can facilitate and help build the mentee’s skills.
  3. We suggest that the mentor and mentee attend at least two (2) presentations together sometime throughout the conference. This will open up conversation between the mentor and mentee, allowing for more sharing of ideas.
  4. Wednesday, August 5th is a HCC Poster Reception where we encourage you to spend some time together. Again, this will open up topics for conversation and might broaden the mentee’s interests.
  5. Concurrently during the HCC Poster Reception, the Community Day will have various conservation organization booths, where the mentor can help the mentee network with people and organizations that interest them. This might be a way for the mentee to get their foot in the door with that organization for possible future employment.
  6. Thursday, August 6th at the Closing Luncheon is an opportunity to plan for future interactions and hopefully this will continue the mentorship process for both participants.