Hawai'i conservation alliance

Sig Zane for the 2015 Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference

This exclusive print and colorway will be available at our conference in Hilo!  We will have this print available in a Mens Button-Down Aloha Shirt, Womens Mananai Blouse as well as a Pareu! The product image is a digital mock up of this exclusive print. 

Aloha Shirt

Mananai Blouse


Kū ke koa!

The elemental rhythms of nature are clear as we watch the clouds move in from the ocean.  It is the forests that draw the clouds inland, bringing moisture to our lands.  The invoking rains feeds the trees, delivering fresh water to our aquifers.  

If we live as the koa tree, protection and nourishment for our communities is guaranteed.  We acknowledge this kuleana as it is great.  We take each step, moving forward, strengthening the stewardship of our community, both in the uplands and in our towns.  

We are bound to the forest in so many ways.  Communion with the forest provides insight and reward.

We offer this visual narrative through our art expressing optimism and fortitude.