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Ruud Kleinpaste

Wednesday, July 19th - Opening Keynote

Born in Indonesia, then raised and educated in the Netherlands, Ruud Kleinpaste migrated to New Zealand in 1978 with an MSc (Hons) in silvicuture, animal ecology and conservation from Wageningen University. Entomology was always an important hobby that later became part of his main work activities and ultimately, his media persona: the Bugman. Ruud studied kiwi (New Zealand’s iconic bird) in Waitangi forest (in the far north of the country) and worked as scientist (entomology) with the Ministry of Agriculture (now Ministry for Primary Industries) for 14 years, before tackling the world of media, communication and consultancy on his own.

2017 Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference: Keynote Address by Ruud Kleinpaste from Hawaii Conservation Alliance on Vimeo.

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