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Tundi Agardy

Opening Plenary Session Tundi Agardy, PhD

Tuesday, July 31

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Tundi Agardy is an internationally renowned expert in biodiversity conservation, with extensive field and policy experience in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, North America and the Pacific. She currently heads Sound Seas, an independent policy group based in the Washington, DC area, specializing in biodiversity conservation, coastal planning and assessment, marine protected areas, and fisheries management. She also serves as Director of the Marine Ecosystem Services (MARES) Program of Forest Trends, is Science and Policy Director for the World Ocean Observatory, and is Associate Editor of Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM), published through the University of Washington. Prior to forming her own organization, she was the Senior Director for the Global Marine Program at Conservation International and, before that, Senior Scientist for WWF.

Tundi has published over a hundred scientific papers on issues at the nexus of science and policy. Her 1997 book on Marine Protected Areas is still widely used today, and in 2010 she published an Earthscan book entitled, “Ocean Zoning: Making Marine Management More Effective”, serving as valuable guidance for putting marine spatial planning into practice. In June of 2011, UNEP launched the manual on Ecosystem-Based Management which she authored, to guide Regional Seas programs and planners and managers around the world. She also headed up the coastal section of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment – a 3 year global analysis released in 2005 that represents the consensus of over a thousand scientists on the state of ecosystems and their link to human well-being. She is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Miami, received her Ph.D. in biological sciences and her Masters in Marine Affairs from University of Rhode Island, was postdoctoral fellow at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and completed her undergraduate work at Wellesley and Dartmouth Colleges.

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