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Existing and emerging threats to native species and ecosystems, including climate change and invasive species, are effectively addressed.

Invasive Species

As the most isolated land mass in the world, the Hawaiian archipelago is home to an abundance of species and ecosystems found nowhere else. Hawaiʻi’s geographic isolation makes it particularly vulnerable to the threats posed by invasive species introduction. Alien species can often out compete with native species and wreak havoc on the balance of our delicate ecosystems on which Hawaii’s biological and economic security rely. The Alliance actively supports and promotes the work of its biosecurity members and partners, including the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, The Hawaii Invasive Species Council, and the Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species.

Position Paper

Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are a significant threat to Hawaiʻi’s ecosystems and communities. The Alliance has identified climate change as a significant threat and is working with members and partners to integrate climate change adaptation into ongoing and future conservation and restoration work.

Position Paper

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