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The Nāhululeihiwakuipapa Subcommittee cultivates and models conservation leadership in Hawaiʻi using trans-disciplinary strategies, generational bridging, and Hawaiian Values to support the growth of future generations of environmental stewards.


Meaning of Nāhululeihiwakuipapa

It is the name given to the aspiring professionals of the conservation field. The feather lei is the garment of divine aloha and symbol of protections for our natural environment. The feathers which make up the lei are sacred gifts from nā manu Hawaiʻi, those creatures which soar through the heavens and serve as a link between the Divine Creator and man. The Leihulu, feather lei, made by Kuipapa. It is the style where new feathers manifested by Akua are perfected for placement by man and arranged in the pattern designed by Akua. We shall be compared to the feathers of the lei. And let our mindset and work string us together (kui) and be reflective of the good training we’ve had and that we will provide in the future. May we help the Lei Maker (Akua) design a future for Hawaiʻi that will please the ancestors, create health, peace and balance for the people (feather) who will follow us for seven generations. May our lei be the symbol of protection for our natural word and bind our spirits together.

 Meet Our Subcommittee Members

Nāhululeihiwakuipapa is made of Alliance members and partners from government, private, non-profit, and educational organizations across Hawaiʻi. They provide support, knowledge, expertise and passion in the development of networking, mentorship, and career development opportunities for emerging professionals and students in the conservation field. Meet our members.


Nāhululeihiwakuipapa Emerging Professional Workshop

Held annually at the Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference, Nāhululeihiwakuipapa develops a workshop that provides emerging professionals and students an opportunity to develop technical, networking and leadership skills critical for career, community, and personal success. Workshop topics are selected based on the interests and needs indicated on surveys taken by emerging professionals and students. Our goal is to empower workshop participants to lead from where they are, by providing them the opportunity to put learned skills into practice. View current and past workshops.

Nāhululeihiwakuipapa’s Pūlama Kuamoʻo Mentorship Program

The Pūlama Kuamoʻo Mentorship Program at the annual Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference is intended to provide an opportunity for students and emerging professionals from Hawai‘i to meet and network with Hawaiʻi’s established professionals in the conservation research and natural resource management community. The program provides a means and structure to engage both audiences in meaningful dialogue on interests, experiences, and opportunities at the Hawai‘i Conservation Conference. Mentors and mentees benefit from the one-on-one interaction they experience. Learn more.

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