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About Us

The Hawai’i Conservation Alliance (Alliance) is a collaboration of conservation leaders representing government, cultural, educational, and non-profit organizations from across the state. Collectively, we are responsible for safeguarding the biodiversity of Hawaiʻi’s ocean, land, and streams. Our members live and work in Hawai’i and represent the people and communities who depend on healthy land and water for social, cultural, and agricultural well-being.

Working together to perpetuate native ecosystems and ensure the unique biodiversity of our islands endures, the Alliance provides unified leadership and advocacy for Hawaiʻi’s most critical conservation issues.

Through regular meetings, sub-committees, and working groups, member representatives track progress in conservation efforts, share new tools and technologies, identify critical conservation needs and emergent threats, and develop priority projects to address needs of the conservation community. These projects are implemented through collaborative work of the Alliance members themselves as well as through support from the Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance Foundation.

E Mālama Kākou: Reflections of the Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance from Hawaii Conservation Alliance on Vimeo.

Our History

Conserving and restoring native ecosystems is a complex endeavor involving diverse communities, goverment agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, academia, and elected officials.  In order for us to address the myriad of complex and dynamic threats to our natural resources, we must work collaboratively from strong cultural foundations with the best available science.

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Mission Statement

The Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance envisions thriving, abundant lands and seas with their native ecosystems actively cared for by generations of stewards, steered by excellent science and Hawaiian values and practice.

We provide unified leadership, advocacy, and collaborative action to conserve and restore native ecosystems and the unique biodiversity of our islands.

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The Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance has formed several subcommittees to develop and support implementation of programs or activities described in the Strategic Action Plan. Subcommittees include both Alliance members and partner organizations working in relevant fields.


The Nāhululeihiwakuipapa subcommittee develops and implements projects that cultivate and model conservation leadership in Hawaiʻi using trans-disciplinary strategies, generational bridging, and Hawaiian Values to support the growth of future generations of environmental stewards.

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Effective Conservation

The Effective Conservation Subcommittee developed a database of geospatial data to advance landscape-scale conservation and applied this data to design and pilot Community Watershed Snapshots with 3 communities.

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The biosecurity subcommittee identifies opportunities for the Alliance and its members to support implmentation of the Hawaiʻi Interagency Biosecurity Plan and to identify complementary actions that can help prevent spread and introduction of invasive species.

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The community subcommittee supports increased communittee participation and leadership in resource stewardship. This group worked with members of the effective conservation subcommittee to develop and pilot the Community Watershed Snapshot project and is currently developing a guidebook for groups interested in conducting their own snapshop project.

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Cultural Integration

The cultural integrations subcommittee leads protocol for the Alliance and the Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference including writing a unique oli.

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