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Conserving and restoring native ecosystems is a complex endeavor involving diverse communities, goverment agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, academia, and elected officials.  In order for us to address the myriad of complex and dynamic threats to our natural resources, we must work collaboratively from strong cultural foundations with the best available science.

The Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance was established, initially as the Hawaiʻi Secretariat for Conservation Biology, in 1988 with purpose of:

  • Facilitating strategic coordination and knowledge exchange among conservation stakeholders
  • Increasing dialog, participation and collaborative efforts in Hawaiʻi’s critical conservation issues
  • Building capacity for effective conservatin of Hawaiʻi’s lands and sea
  • Advocating for consistent investment in natural resource management and conservation

Over the 30 years since being established, the Alliance has undergone a name change, increased membership, and a growth in scope to include applied projects.

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