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Our Strategy

Build Conservation Capacity

Increase the number of residents, leaders, and stakeholders who actively support and participate in conservation of our native ecosystems.

A major goal of the Alliance is to develop conservation capacity throughout the state by increasing the number of Hawaii residents, visitors, political leaders and stakeholders who actively support and participate in the management of our native ecosystems. The Alliance strives to increase conservation literacy throughout Hawaii by facilitating opportunities for knowledge exchange and career development, leveraging support for community-led conservation efforts, and supporting activities that engage leaders in Hawaii’s political and business communities. 

Effective Conservation and Restoration

Increase the area and representation of Hawaii's native terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems that are under integrated conservation or restoration management.

A major goal of the Hawaii Conservation Alliance is to increase the area of Hawaii’s terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems under the cooperative and collaborative management by Alliance members, working in tandem with neighboring communities. Alliance-created data collection tools and programs increase opportunities for collaborative management efforts and support community participation in conservation of Hawaii’s natural and cultural resources. 

Cultural Integration

Incorporate Native Hawaiian culture into current natural resource conservation practice to build a modern Hawaiian conservation ethic.

A priority of the Hawaii Conservation Alliance is to ensure Native Hawaiian cultural values and practices are adequately integrated into contemporary conservation strategies. Through its Cultural Subcommittee, the Alliance has strived to incorporate Native Hawaiian perspectives in devising all of its existing conservation programs and events, and to increase the participation of Native Hawaiian community groups and organizations in local conservation initiatives. To advance these efforts, the Alliance is developing a cultural curriculum to build internal and external capacity among agencies and organizations participating in conservation efforts throughout Hawaii. The Alliance has begun compiling existing resources and calling upon its membership to provide input for the development of the cultural curriculum and series of training workshops.


Provide a policy framework for biosecurity and lines of defense to prevent invasive species introductions to the Hawaiian archipelago.

The Hawaii Conservation Alliance provides a collaborative forum to support efforts to prevent, uncover and contain invasive species introductions in the Hawaiian Islands. Through its Biosecurity Subcommittee, the Alliance promotes the development of unified leadership and policy to address this critical conservation issue. As the most isolated land mass in the world, the Hawaiian archipelago is home to an abundance of species and ecosystems found nowhere else. Hawaii’s geographic isolation makes it particularly vulnerable to the threats posed by invasive species introduction. Alien species can often out compete with native species and wreak havoc on the balance of our delicate ecosystems on which Hawaii’s biological and economic security rely. The Alliance actively supports and promotes the work of its biosecurity members and partners, including the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, The Hawaii Invasive Species Council, and the Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species.




E Mālama Kakou

Our strategy connects the past, present, and future to restore, protect and preserve Hawaii’s natural resources. Healthy native ecosystems are essential to sustain our collective values and livelihoods.  We collaboratively enhance the integrity of native ecosystems by defending them against invasive species. We believe that Native Hawaiian conservation ethics are an integral part of lasting conservation, which is accomplished by communities and across generations, working hand in hand to protect and conserve Hawaii.

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