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Provide a policy framework for biosecurity and lines of defense to prevent invasive species introductions to the Hawaiian archipelago.

The Hawaii Conservation Alliance provides a collaborative forum to support efforts to prevent, uncover and contain invasive species introductions in the Hawaiian Islands. Through its Biosecurity Subcommittee, the Alliance promotes the development of unified leadership and policy to address this critical conservation issue. As the most isolated land mass in the world, the Hawaiian archipelago is home to an abundance of species and ecosystems found nowhere else. Hawaii’s geographic isolation makes it particularly vulnerable to the threats posed by invasive species introduction. Alien species can often out compete with native species and wreak havoc on the balance of our delicate ecosystems on which Hawaii’s biological and economic security rely. The Alliance actively supports and promotes the work of its biosecurity members and partners, including the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, The Hawaii Invasive Species Council, and the Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species.



Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species
The Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species (CGAPS) is a partnership of agencies and non-governmental organizations working together to protect Hawaiʻi from invasive species.

Hawaii Invasive Species Council
The Hawaii Invasive Species Council is an inter-departmental collaboration providing policy level direction, coordination, and planning for the control and eradication of harmful invasive species infestations throughout the State and for preventing the introduction of other invasive species that may be potentially harmful.

Invasive Species Committees:
Kauai Invasive Species Committee
Oahu Invasive Species Committee
Molokai Invasive Species Committee
Maui Invasive Species Committee
Big Island Invasive Species Committee