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Building Capacity

Increase the number of residents, leaders, and stakeholders who actively support and participate in conservation of our native ecosystems.

The Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference

The Hawaii Conservation Conference has been a mainstay in the Hawaii conservation community for the past 23 years. Sponsored by the Hawaii Conservation Alliance and the Hawaii Conservation Alliance Foundation, the three-day event is the largest gathering of individuals actively involved in the research and management of Hawaii’s native ecosystems. Attracting well over 1,000 participants each year, the Conference provides a unique opportunity for resource managers, scientists, conservation professionals, cultural practitioners, students and other interested persons to share information and ideas on a broad spectrum of conservation issues relevant to Hawaii. The Conference theme changes each year and features a variety of panel discussions, forums, workshops, award presentations and well-renowned keynote speakers from Hawaii and beyond. The event provides exceptional networking and training opportunities for those in Hawaii’s conservation community. Registration fees for the annual conference help to support the work of the Hawaii Conservation Alliance.

Next Generation Program

The Alliance’s Next Generation Program supports the professional development of the next generation of conservation leaders in Hawaii by providing networking, internship, employment and mentorship opportunities to those expressing an interest and aptitude in conservation careers. Opportunities for career development are cultivated among Alliance members and partners as well as with government and private organizations in Hawaii and the Pacific Region.

Components of the Next Generation Program include:

  • The annual Hawaii Conservation Conference provides a major platform for the Next Generation Program by attracting student participation through a special student rate, hosting an emerging professional workshop, and encouraging participation in a mentorship program in which seasoned professionals are linked with Hawaii’s emerging conservation enthusiasts.

  • The Pacific Exchange Emerging Professionals Program (PEEP) provides focused professional development to select emerging professionals by providing funding for work and research exchanges with organizations conducting meaningful conservation work within the Pacific Region, including but not limited to the Micronesian, Melanesian and Polynesian archipelagos. Participants in the program have the opportunity to broaden their perspective and gain exposure to different social, cultural and political systems, while recognizing similarities in conservation challenges throughout the Pacific. The Alliance supports the exchange of up to two PEEP participants each year. Past Hawaii PEEP participants have been placed in organizations in New Zealand and Micronesia. There are also opportunities for participants from Pacific nations to be placed in Hawaii organizations. Through peer learning and the exchange of experiences and information, PEEP professionals will become part of the larger network of conservation professionals who share resource stewardship concerns across the Pacific and around the world.

  • The Hawaii Conservation Alliance Job Bank is a key feature of Conservation Connections, a one-stop-shop, online platform. The Job Bank is an interactive database where employers and conservationists can promote a wide variety of opportunities, such as conservation and environmentally-related jobs, internships, research and volunteer efforts. This new resource helps to develop the next generation of conservation leaders by providing them, as well as experienced professionals, with access to conservation opportunities in Hawaii, the Pacific Region and beyond.


Conservation Connections is an interactive website connecting people to environmental stewardship opportunities throughout Hawaii. Conservation Connections allows organizations to post, publicize, manage and track efforts ranging from volunteer and research to internships and job opportunities. It not only connects people with opportunities to “get-involved”, but also allows them to donate to a diverse range of non-profits working to protect and conserve Hawaii’s terrestrial, aquatic and cultural resources. The Alliance developed this new and innovative resource in 2014 in response to public demand for information on how to become engaged or “get-involved” in local and regional conservation efforts. Available to both residents and visitors, Conservation Connections helps interested persons become involved by providing information relating to a variety of stewardship opportunities easily available and accessible on their computer or smart-phone.

Talk-Story Events

The Alliance also holds bi-monthly “Talk-Story” events in different communities around the state, with the aim of linking the public with the latest conservation topics in the islands.  Often co-hosted by Alliance member organizations, our “Talk Story” events are forums for communities to engage with scientists and natural resource managers.