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Next Generation

Hawai’i Conservation Alliance's (HCA) Next Gen Program aims to build the next generation of conservation leaders by coordinating networking opportunities and dissemination of professional development resources and opportunities to prospective conservation practitioners. To realize our programmatic goals, HCA has formed a Next Gen subcommittee made up of individuals who work for federal, state, and private organizations and represent different islands across Hawai'i. Our subcommittee utilizes the Hawai'i Conservation Conference to provide opportunities for professional development for the next generation of conservation leaders at the annual Nahululeihiwakuipapa Workshop. This annual workshop aims to be a unique venue where emerging professionals can interact with seasoned professionals in the conservation field. Furthermore, we seek to keep our the next generation engaged and connected to conservation news and on the ground activities via Conservation Connections that is set up to connect our audience virtually or via face-to-face engagement across the Hawaiian Islands.


"I am one of the recipients of a student rate, a travel award, and an award for best graduate oral presentation (runner-up). I just wanted to thank you for the awards. I am not working while I am finishing the dissertation, so this helps a lot. I would not have attended the conference if not for the student rate. The travel award was a welcome surprise ... I had forgotten about the student presentation competition award as well, so I showed up in my "travel clothes." What an amazing and delightful way to end the conference. Thank you again for your gracious support.  It means a lot to me!"

- Nani: 2015 Student Rate, Student Award