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Effective Conservation & Restoration

A major goal of the Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance (HCA) is to facilitate the effective conservation of Hawaiʻi's native ecosystems in terrestrial, aquatic, and marine realms. 

Only in recent decades have we been able to systematically measure our collective impact on the natural environment in Hawaiʻi. This impact is now recognized as profound and extremely difficult to reverse. Substantial conservation efforts have been made over the past half century to actively stem the tide of human-caused changes. Through the HCA Effective Conservation Program we now have a mechanism to comprehensively track our conservation progress island-wide and statewide, identify needs, and focus our collective efforts more effectively.   This program will maximize our efficiency in managing and preserving Hawai‘i's ecosystems and help rebuild a sustainable relationship between our human communities and the natural systems that sustain us all.

ECP allows HCA to collectively facilitate conservation efforts in Hawaiʻi, serves as an internal communication and assessment tool for our own coordination of effort, and can serve as a powerful external communication device to express to the public and decision-makers, a multiple-scale context for conservation.